My quick, short and unqualified judgment:

If you knew me in person, you’d know that I’m quite a friend of anecdotes. If you know Žižek, then you know that he has kind of perfected this practise.

My pick for this book was quite random: The description seemed fine and it’s more of his anecdotal works, so even when you’re new to philosophy (like me!) it becomes more understandable after a couple of pages.

Should you like reading or listening to Žižek, you’ll enjoy the fun anecdotes, him disecting capitalism and the struggle of “escaping it”. A classic read, so to speak. Definitely a good use of time.


This is not a review like for Make Time, for two reasons: You’ll already know if you’re going to read a book from Žižek and I feel that some are interchangable (like: you get the gist after a couple of them, which is totally fine and not meant as a critique at all, I duly value his writing and sheer creative output).

Also, my transitional goal is to turn this more into a book log, mostly leaving some notes here and there about how I liked it, but not with deep insights.

I have read the German translation (the one from the cover image).

Also: I guess I should change the font, Proxima Nova doesn’t go well with háčeks, which is quite a bummer.